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Scottish Ancestry Tours | Tour Scotland & Trace Your Ancestral Heritage

5* Bespoke 3 & 5 Day Family & Group Tours of Scotland 2018

Scottish Ancestry & Heritage

Do you have Scottish ancestors? Thinking of coming to Scotland to trace your Scottish roots and heritage? Let Scottish Terrier Tours work with you to research your family history, visit parts of Scotland where they lived and provide you with a private guided tour of these locations.

Working alongside our Genealogist, Michelle Leonard to ensure you have a fantastic Ancestral Tour! So if you are from The Clan MacDonald, MacKenzie, Malcolm, Robertson or Wallace, why not retrace your clan’s ancient footsteps and soak up the rich history in their castles, churches, lochs and Clan seats. On your private tour, your kilted guide will be on hand to provide assistance and knowledge to ensure you make the most of your family history voyage and discovery. We offer Ancestral day tours and multi-day tours. Accommodation can be booked by co-owner Tracy who can also put together a detailed itinerary for your Scottish ancestral tour, and the tours themselves will be guided by her husband and business partner Graeme in his full Scottish attire and Teddy the families Scottish terrier.

Tracy & Teddy

Tracy & Teddy

Graeme and one of our vechiles

Graeme and one of our vehicles

Are your family from Scotland? would you like find out more about the town or part of Scotland they lived in? We can help make this happen, you may wish to do the research yourself or we can help we have helped many families from America & Canada in the past trace their roots and have been very successful finding family homes and gravestones.
On one tour I collected a couple from there hotel in Glasgow we drove through Glen Shea to royal De side in search of the grave of Jimmy the piper. It was a sad moment as we found the gravestone of Jimmy, I later found out that Jimmy was picked by Queen Victoria as one of her pipers at the age of fourteen. We then continued to locate some of the family homes also and found 2 nearby, the couple were very happy with there day and excited at the success and looking forward to showing the family back home the images.
Robert Burns Tours, Scotland

Statue of famous Scottish poet Robert Burns

Advice For Tracing Your Scottish Heritage

1 Research  your family name 
This is where it all begins, however, this should be completed diligently in order to be 100% accurate. You will need details about your immediate family including both parents and siblings, then extended family such as cousins your grandparents and their parents. This includes names and dates from a trusted source many of this can be done online these days and it sounds like more hassle than it really is. Although you can complete your research online we suggest using the old fashioned method of writing a family map down which keeps you more organised about what to research next. If you know any family members who are interested in doing it with you or any family who have knowledge of your Scottish family history then they are always a great source for some areas to research.

2 Check your source
When you have all of the information available, including birth, marriage and death records, military records, travel records, even old newspapers that have been preserved. If you know one name, you can still use these records to take you wherever that story goes.

3. Assure your roots are Scottish

Whether you’re based in Scotland looking further back into your heritage or from countries such as Canada and the United States. Even though there are less than 5 million Scots, due to the larger % Scotland used to contribute to the world’s population in the past many Americans and Canadians will have roots as they are relatively new countries compared with Scotland

4. Get in touch for a chat

Scottish Terrier Tours may not have your family history however if you have done a little research and want to discuss anything with us we can advise on information such as geography, industry or historical facts by region, city or town.

As stated much of the information we gather is from a local Glaswegian genealogist Michelle Leonard an expert in all Scottish ancestral history.


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